1E9 Advisors

We power businesses with renewable energy and software.

こだわり — the uncompromising and relentless pursuit of perfection



We live and breathe technology. We are really good at it. And we can build anything.


We have been involved with energy infrastructure and markets around the world for 25 years.


We have operated in capital markets at the highest levels globally and understand how they work.


We have modeled, managed, traded, and hedged in global commodity markets.

We reason by first principles — fundamental propositions and assumptions that cannot be deduced from any other proposition or assumption.



We guide technology solutions that drive business growth and improve operations.

Software Development

We develop, deploy, and manage software that powers business.

Data Management

We organize, maintain, and store your data with policies, procedures, tools, and systems.

Quantitative Analysis

We analyze data using mathematical and statistical techniques to generate insight.

Financial Modeling

We design, maintain, and operate financial models so that you can grow your business.

Risk Management

We manage and hedge financial/market risks.